Our beads can increase your grinding efficiency and protect your mill internal components...

Zirconia  Alumina Composite Beads, ZAL

Light Density Beads

Type: ZAL - 32

ZAL - 27

( 3.2 g/cc )

( 2.7 g/cc )

Zirconia Alumina Composite Beads, Sintered

Zirconia Alumina Beads

ZAL-32 / ZAL-27 Zirconia Alumina Composite beads are unique products, developed by CHEMCO expert R&D team after many years of research tests. The patented formulation combines the good properties of two advanced ceramic materials (ZrO2 & Al2O3), bringing beads excellent toughness as well as outstanding breakage resistance. Higher density of the media compared with glass could increase the grinding efficiency. And the smooth bead surface offers extremely low wear to the mill internal components. Thus these beads can substitute glass and other low-medium density grinding medias very well.

Until now, CHEMCO® ZAL beads are successfully being used in all modern types of mills, which include vertical mills, horizontal mills, agitated media mills, stirred media mills, such as IsaMill, Metso Vertimill®, Metso SMD, FLSmidth® VXPmill, OUTOTEC HIGmill®, HOSOKAWA ALPINE agitated media mills, NETZSCH mills, Buhler bead mills, DYNO® mills, CMC Supermill PLUS®, 'Red Head' vertical media grinding mills, Niemann Kreis-Basket-Mill®  Getzmann bead mill & basket mill, Vollrath bead mill, HCP Immersion mill, IEC basket mill & bead mills, just name of a few...


  • Light density medias with unique formulations, patented

  • Superior price-performance ratio to other low-medium density grinding medias

  • Substitute glass beads very well by reducing media & mill wear and increasing grinding efficiency 

Main Applications

ZAL beads can be used in milling and dispersion of following materials, just name a few:

  • Coatings (paints, inks)

  • Pigments and dyes

  • Mineral fillers e.g. TiO2 , GCC , Zircon and Kaolin

  • Gold, silver, platinum, lead, copper and zinc sulfide 

Chemical Composition ( Typical ) *

ZAL-32 / ZAL-27

Zirconium Oxide ( ZrO2 )

Silica Oxide ( SiO2 )

Aluminium Oxide ( Al2O3 )


20% / 2%

35% / 35%

40% / 60%

5% / 3%

* Figures are reference values

Properties *

ZAL-32 / ZAL-27

Density ( g/cc )

3.2 ( ± 0.05 ) / 2.7 ( ±0.05 )

Bulk density ( kg/l )

2.2 / 1.7

Hardness ( HV10 )

Mohs' hardness


840 / 793


White  ( glossy sheen )

Standard Sizes ( ∅,mm ) *

0.4 - 0.8

2.0 - 2.5

0.8 - 1.2

2.5 - 3.0

1.2 - 1.4

3.0 - 4.0

1.4 - 1.7

4.0 - 5.0

1.8 - 2.2

5.0 - 6.0

* Other sizes can be customized

Last updated : 29 Jan 2021

CHEMCO Ceramic Beads

Type: ZAL


CHEMCO is a world-class ceramic beads and balls producer. All our products' formulations contain more or less Zirconia (ZrO2), which is an advanced ceramic material with a title of "Ceramic Steel". This single material offers the traditional ceramics benefits of hardness, wear and corrosion resistance. We can supply various densities (Light, Medium & High) media with the complete range of sizes (0.01 - 70 mm), which suit different fine-grinding (milling & dispersion) as well as impact surface treatment applications. We've been proudly exporting our products from China to more than 45 different countries around the world!

CHEMCO has a dedicated R&D department manned by committed scientists and technicians. As a team they constantly strive to explore and innovate the new value of products. The company has also established a complete quality control system and maintained an individual department controlling the products' quality. Equipped with a complete set of modern analysis instruments and always executing higher standard in the industry, our products quality can get effective assurance.

CHEMCO is ISO 9001:2015 certified by QA International

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