Ceramic Shot Peening Beads, CZ

Type: CZ

Ceramic Shots for Shot Peening



  • Highest Durability - Due to strong mechanical resistance and high toughness

  • Highest consistency from bead to bead in size distribution, sphericity, density and hardness

  • No Metallic Contamination and Lowest Dust Generation

  • Fine Shots efficient for multi peening steps

  • Lowest Machine Wear - Due to reduced shot throwing velocity needed to achieve the same peening intensities, and the extremely smooth beads' surface

  • Improved Part Life - Offering high level residual compressive stress close to the surface


CZ Beads can be used in these applications, just name a few:

  • Shot peening to extend fatigue life by stress relieving, peen-forming and peen-straightening

  • Intensive use in wheel turbine machines and on High Strength Steel (HSS) at the same intensity range as steel shots

Chemical Composition

Zirconium dioxide ZrO2

Silicon glass SiO2

Aluminum Oxide Al2O3

60 - 70%

28 - 33%

< 10%


Density (g/cc) 

Hardness (HV0.5) *


3.6 - 3.95

726  (CZ300)

White ( glossy sheen )

* Figures are reference values

Standard Sizes (∅,mm ) *

Size range

Product code

Size range

Product code

CZ 150

0.15 - 0.21

CZ 210

0.21 - 0.30

CZ 300

0.30- 0.425

CZ 425

0.425 - 0.60

CZ 600

0.60 - 0.85

CZ 850 

0.85 - 1.18

* Other sizes can be customized

CZ 100

0.10 - 0.15


Last updated : 15 Oct 2021

CHEMCO Ceramic Shots
Type: CZ

Industry Standards

  • AMS2431/7B

  • SAE J1830


CHEMCO is a world-class ceramic beads and balls producer. All our products' formulations contain more or less Zirconia (ZrO2), which is an advanced ceramic material with a title of "Ceramic Steel". This single material offers the traditional ceramics benefits of hardness, wear and corrosion resistance. We can supply various densities (Light, Medium & High) media with the complete range of sizes (0.01 - 70 mm), which suit different fine-grinding (milling & dispersion) as well as impact surface treatment applications. We've been proudly exporting our products from China to more than 45 different countries around the world!

CHEMCO has a depicted R&D department manned by committed scientists and technicians. As a team they constantly strive to explore and innovate the new value of products. The company has also established a complete quality control system and maintained an individual department controlling the products' quality. Equipped with a complete set of modern analysis instruments and always executing higher standard in the industry, our products quality can get effective assurance.

CHEMCO is ISO 9001:2015 certified by QA International

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