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Chemco Advance Material (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Manufacturing plant:

Guangfu Industrial Park, Fengshan Road,

Guangfu Town, Suzhou 215159, CHINA

Sales'  Phone:   +86 186 1680 9761


Chemco Advance Material (Suzhou) Co.Ltd

CHEMCO is a world-class ceramic beads and balls producer. All our products' formulations contain more or less Zirconia (ZrO2), which is an advanced ceramic material with a title of "Ceramic Steel". This single material offers the traditional ceramics benefits of hardness, wear and corrosion resistance. We can supply various densities (Light, Medium & High) media with the complete range of sizes (0.01 - 70 mm), which suit different fine-grinding (milling & dispersion) as well as impact surface treatment applications. We've been proudly exporting our products from China to more than 45 different countries around the world!

CHEMCO has a dedicated R&D department manned by committed scientists and technicians. As a team they constantly strive to explore and innovate the new value of products. The company has also established a complete quality control system and maintained an individual department controlling the products' quality. Equipped with a complete set of modern analysis instruments and always executing higher standard in the industry, our products quality can get effective assurance.

CHEMCO is ISO 9001:2015 certified by QA International

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