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Ceramic Beads & Balls - Fine Grinding Media 

The world-class CHEMCO® zirconia containing ceramic beads and balls are successfully being used in all modern types of mills, which include vertical mills, horizontal mills, agitated media mills, stirred media mills, such as IsaMill, Metso Vertimill®, Metso SMD, FLSmidth® VXPmill, OUTOTEC HIGmill®, HOSOKAWA ALPINE agitated media mills, NETZSCH mills, Buhler bead mills, DYNO® mills, CMC Supermill PLUS®,  ‘Red Head' vertical media grinding mills,  Niemann Kreis-Basket-Mill®, Getzmann bead mill & basket mill, Vollrath bead mill, HCP Immersion mill, IEC basket mill & bead mills, EMI mills, just name of a few...

High Density Beads
Type: YTZP

(6.0 g/cc)

Zirconia Beads, Partially Stabilized with Yttria, Sintered


YTZP yttria zirconia beads are made of high-grade and nanometre Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) which is proudly produced by our own facility in large and homogenous batches. This advanced precursor material guarantees excellent mechanical properties, outstanding wear resistance and good corrosion resistance. This high density bead is used to achieve maximum milling results at minimum product contamination rates.

  • High density media ideal for high energy mills, maximizing throughput and productivity

  • High fracture toughness and high wear resistance minimize the contamination of beads during high speed milling

  • At least 15% superior to Ceria Stabilized Zirconia medias in wear rate through many tests

Always excuting higher quality control standard in the industry, our products' quality can get effective assurance .

Medium Density Beads
Type: SZS

(4.0 g/cc)


Zirconium Silicate Beads, Sintered

SZS Zirconium Silicate beads are manufactured from world-class premium zircon (ZrSiO4) mineral in a special high temperature sintering process. Because of its outstanding breakage resistance and the advantageous price, this medium density bead is particularly suitable for use in large-volume agitated bead mills.

  • A medium density media particularly suitable for use in large-volume agitated bead mills

  • Fully dense, perfect sphericity and extremely smooth beads surface

  • No porous and irregular shape problems

  • Outstanding breakage resistance

  • Optimum performance-price ratio

  • This is the bead recommended to efficiently fine-grind zircon


Medium Density Beads & Balls

Type: ZTA-W

(3.65 g/cc)


Zirconia Toughened Alumina Beads and Balls, Sintered

(Invented for Wet Grinding)

ZTA-W beads & balls are unique products, developed by CHEMCO expert R&D team after several years of research and experiments. We adopt our experienced roll / granulation method for forming this type of products to make it specifically suitable for wet grinding applications. Proved by many comparison wear rate tests, ZTA-W shows 4 - 30 times better in wear resistance than various quality High Alumina ( 90 - 92 % Al2O3 ) grinding media in global market, and its similar density enables this product to substitute High Alumina media very well.

  • Available in big sizes balls up to ∅70 mm, which suits wet-grinding in ball mills

  • At least 4 times better in wear resistance than “the best” High Alumina ( 90 - 92 % Al2O3 ) grinding media in the world market, proved by many tests

  • The product's similar density enables it to substitute High Alumina media very well

  • Superior performance-price ratio saving users' cost

  • This is the grinding media recommended by us for fine and ultra-fine grinding gold, silver, platinum, lead, copper and zinc sulfide


Light Density Beads,

Type: ZAL - 32

( 3.2 g/cc )

ZAL - 27

( 2.7 g/cc )


Zirconia Alumina Composite Beads, Sintered

ZAL-32 / ZAL-27 Zirconia Alumina Composite beads are unique products, developed by CHEMCO expert R&D team after many years of research tests. The patented formulation combines the good properties of two advanced ceramic materials (ZrO2 & Al2O3), bringing beads excellent toughness as well as outstanding breakage resistance. Higher density of the media compared with glass could increase the grinding efficiency. And the smooth bead surface offers extremely low wear to the mill internal components. Thus these beads can substitute glass and other low-medium density grinding medias very well.

  • Light density medias with unique formulations, patented

  • Superior price-performance ratio to other low-medium density grinding medias

  • Substitutes glass beads very well by reducing media & mill wear and increasing grinding efficiency 

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