Zirconia beads, Zirconium Silicate Beads, Dispersion / Milling Media, Ceramic Shot Peening / Blasting Media.| CHEMCO 
  • Reduced beads consumption (8 - 10 times) against glass blasting media.
  • Lower metal surface roughness.
  • Less operating pressure and reduced abrasive velocity needed than glass blasting media. Thus have far less abrasive breakdown and dust generation, results in cleaner working environment and better operator visibility.
  • White color, high sphericity and smooth surface beads.
  • Strong mechanical resistance and high toughness, but gentle with equipment and tools preserving work parts.
  • Chemically inert, no metallic contamination for treated parts.
  • Cleaning and surface preparation (deburring, etching, paint removal and cosmetic finishing …) of moulds, castings and delicate items.
  • Effectively used in air or wet pressure blasting process and in wheel turbine machines.
  • Highest Durability - Due to strong mechanical resistance and high toughness.
  • Highest consistency from bead to bead in size distribution, sphericity, density and hardness
  • No Metallic Contamination and Lowest Dust Generation.
  • Fine Shots efficient for multi peening steps.
  • Lowest Machine Wear - Due to reduced shot throwing velocity needed to achieve the same peening intensities.
  • Improved Part Life - Offering high level residual compressive stress close to the surface

  • Shot peening to extend fatigue life by stress relieving, peen-forming and peen-straightening.
  • Intensive use in wheel turbine machines and on High Strength Steel (HSS) at the same intensity range as steel shots.